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Etude House VIP Girl Spring 2008

Posted in Etude House, Korean brands by konglishbeauty on February 5, 2009

Since coming to Korea I’ve come to love Etude House, a Korean brand of make-up with a distinctly girly cutesy image. Etude House is all pink, shimmer, princess and fluff and frankly I come out of the stores with a bit of a tooth and head ache from the sugary atmosphere. It’s definitely not for everyone but they do have some great products and the price range is really cheap.

I’ve ended up with a lot of Etude House products (whoops, wonder how that happened…) and was happy to see that their new spring collection, VIP girl was out in stores. The theme of the collection is clubbing and the adverts feature the cute and beautiful spokespeople dancing and flirting in a club scene.

I have been sorely disappointed.

Much of the collection is weird milky pastel colours, bleurgh. I liked the pink packaging of the mascara but it’s just the existing Vitcara foxy eye mascara repackaged. I hate this mascara as it’s got a monster sized plastic comb applicator and a crappy wet formula which does nothing for my lashes. I tried it when it came out in the fall but never got it to work well for me.

The lipsticks are too pale and milky for me with a sheer slippery texture. The glosses are sheer nudes, similar to (but not dupes of) MAC’s C-thru and Underage Lipglass. The texture is the Peach Watergloss, the same as in existing Etude House glosses. OK shades but I don’t wear nudes very often as I find the pale pigment collects in the fine lines of my lips. Yuck. There is a lipstick base product…. well if you like concealer-like lipstick bases then maybe this will be for you, but it’s in a hard plastic tube which means you need to push hard to get any product and then too much squirts out.

The eyeshadows are nothing special and the little dark dot in the middle is just irritating: you’d run out of the middle before the the outer shade and you need a teeny brush to get it without mixing with the lighter shade. The only thing I might pick up is the Dual Change eyeliner: it’s the existing Dual Change eyeliner (which I love) repackaged in the pink plastic.

Overall, I’m very disappointed. Etude House, try harder next time.


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