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"Accidental" mini MAC haul

Posted in foundation, haul, MAC by konglishbeauty on February 5, 2009

This was a completely spontaneous MAC foundation haul when I was out window shopping with a friend last weekend. To my surprise, Korea seems to get new MAC collections promptly in line with the USA (unlike the UK) and the new Well Defined collection was out. I’m a MAC brush collector so I stopped to get the new #195 concealer brush and ended up in a conversation with the sweetest, loveliest MAC make-up artist about the new foundation.

I’ve tried most of MAC’s foundation suitable for my skintype in the past: Studiofix powder, Studiotech, Studiostick, Select SPF 15, Select Tint SPF 15, Hyperreal, Full Coverage, Face & Body and Studio Matte. Most were OK, and I also used Face & Body in my kit when I was a make-up artist. However I never quite got a great colourmatch despite MAC’s range and I just never fell in love with any of them enough to repurchase. I’m around an NC40 / 37. Quite a few of them oxidised and turned orange on me.

I’d read up on the new Studio Sculpt on various blogs and didn’t think it was for me, as it was described as being very moisturising and hydrating. I have oily skin so wrote Studio Sculpt off as being too emollient for me. However chatting with the MAC mua, she raved about Studio Sculpt and said it was for all skintypes. I ended up trying both Studio Sculpt and Studio Fix Fluid. Curious, I ended up getting both to test….. I’ll test them for a couple of weeks and do a full review after a proper wearing. Initial thoughts are very very very good though. Yay!

The new gel concealer seems really good: I don’t use concealer but for those who do it’s worth checking out.

In terms of colour, I ended up getting matched to NC 35 in Studio Fix Fluid and NC 25 in the Studio Sculpt. Very surprising as I was sure NC25 would be too light for me but even in natural daylight it seems to be a match. Maybe this is why I’ve had a problem with MAC shades before, I’ve gone too dark. I would say with foundations, even within the same range, it’s essential to try shades on the face for an accurate colour match. Shades don’t run identical between different products, in my experience.

Has anyone else tried Studio Sculpt? Let me know what you think.


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