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Review: BENEFIT Dallas and Coralista blusher/bronzer powder

Posted in Benefit, blusher, review by konglishbeauty on February 3, 2009

Today is a dual review!

Benefit holds a special place in the heart of many beauty addicts. If you like girly, cute, silly things, chances are you’re gonna love Benefit cosmetics. Here in Korea you get your purchases in this cute little paper bag which reminds me of the bags that I used to buy Sherbet Lemons in as a child. What treats await in this little bag……

…. ta da! Two of the famous Benefit boxed powders: Dallas, and the new addition to the family, Coralista. I have been lemming and lemming these for a while and finally gave in.

I have always wanted to buy a Benefit boxed powder but up till now there haven’t been any that I could really justify buying. I’ve tried Georgia, Thrrrob, and Dandelion on my skin but they’re too pale and don’t show up or look chalky on me. I think Hoola is great but I don’t really use bronzing powders unless it’s for contouring. I really love the cute artwork on these boxes.

Inside the boxes, the brushes nestle on a clear plastic tray above the powder. I probably won’t ever use the brushes for application as I don’t like the flat wedge shape for cheek colour application. I prefer to use my own blusher brush but I’ll keep them as they might be useful for pressed powder application in my make-up bag for touch ups on the go.

Coralista is a beautiful peachy pink with slight shimmer which gives a pretty flushed look to my medium asian skintone. I really love this shade for a natural day time look with a clear gloss look. The shimmer is subtle but I do avoid wearing a separate highlighter with this as I’m not a fan of OTT shimmer. Just the Coralista is enough for a daytime cheek.

Dallas is a plum/brown shade. It looks very brown in the swatch here but in real life it’s a little pinker. I would definitely say that on me it’s a blusher, not a bronzer. Like Coralista, Dallas has a subtle shimmer and I usually wear it without highlighter during the day.

Pigmentation for both powders is medium so it looks subtle when first sweeped on and then can be built up.

I really love both these powders and am delighted to finally be able to join in the Benefit box powder club. I love the cute packaging but the cardboard packaging would be a problem if you carried this around on a daily basis as it would take a bashing. I’ve seen some horrific looking Hoola powders in people’s make-up bags which look like they belong in the bin. I don’t carry blusher with me so shouldn’t be a problem for me.

One thing to note is that powder is quite loose so after brushing there’s quie a bit of loose powder left in the box. The high edges of the box around the pan contain this so you won’t waste it but if you carried this around I would imagine the loose powder would get messy.

Overall rating: 4 out of 5. Definite repurchase for me… if I ever hit pan (doubt it)

Side note: I was happy to see the Benefit catalogue translated into Korean. I used to collect and hoard these when I was younger and couldn’t afford a lot of Benefit. As a brand I think Benefit’s
strategy is all about its marketing. Even before the brand was part of LVMH the cute names and innovative product strategy was in place and it’s been hugely successful. Benefit debuted in the UK in the 90s as a high end cult brand in Harrods and Space NK but now they’re in Boots, Debenhams and high street department stores around the country. My review today was positive but I also think a lot of Benefit’s products are absolute crap, not living up to their own hype. Ooh La Lift, Lip Plump, Smooch, Dr Feelgood, to name a few, are complete stinkers but still sell due to the great names and cute hype.

Their sales staff are also terrifying… they’re told to “traffic stop” which literally means stopping customers in their tracks and forcing products on them. Some of their sales staff… well let’s just say they REALLY love their bronzer and are not afraid to pile it on with a spatula.


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