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Review: MISSHA Sexy Eye Mascara Multi Brush

Posted in Korean brands, mascara, Missha, review by konglishbeauty on February 1, 2009

My first review is on the Sexy Eye Mascara Multi Brush by Missha. Missha is a Korean brand which is widely available in Korea and a few outlets and online in the USA and rest of Asia. The brand is drugstore priced, but the brand image and products are impressive for the price range. Missha is sold in its own stores, not on counters or stands in drugstores, and the stores are very common on most shopping streets and subway stations in Seoul: as common as the Body Shop in the UK, for example.

My personal preference for mascaras is buildable, volumising, smudgeproof and deep black pigment with a slightly glossy finish. I have medium length eyelashes with a slight upward curl so I consider myself pretty lucky for an Asian. Many east Asian women complain about stick straight lashes which grow downwards and because of this many more mascaras I’ve seen in Korea seem to emphasise curling and curl keeping more than Western mascara brands.

The two main things which initially drew me to this mascara was the pretty pink tube and the weird comb applicator wand. I’m pretty dumb when it comes to cosmetic packaging and something shiny and pretty which catches my attention is enough to make me spend money on something without testing it first. Yes, it is dumb and oh so shallow. But look look look at the diamante stone at the top of the tube! The tube is a shiny pastel mauve pink metal, not just foiled plastic. It’s so pretty……

I liked the look of the wand too: I’ve had mixed success with comb style mascara applicators but when they’re good, they’ve been very good so I was ready to give it a go. It was the first time I’d seen this type of comb but I’ve discovered they’re quite common in Korean mascaras. High hopes for the pretty mascara…. but alas the stuff inside didn’t live up to the packaging.

The first problem was the applicator wand. Comb mascaras can be good as the teeth can comb product through the lashes evenly getting rid of clumps and fanning out lashes for a wide lash look. However the teeth on this wand are too short and shallow to comb through individual lashes thoroughly and the product just gets deposited on the lashes in clumps sticking lashes together. Yuck. I had to comb through with a lash comb the first few times I tested this mascara to avoid looking like I had three thick eyelashes. I’ve had this problem with both L’Oreal Telescopic and Lancome’s Fatale mascara which also have shallow plastic teeth on their comb style applicators.

Secondly the product was too thick. If you look at the close-up of the wand picture, you might be able to make out the tiny fibres sticking out of the wand. This mascara is a fibre type mascara but it’s one of the better newer generation of fibre mascaras which I actually quite like. The fibres in this mascara lengthen nice and evenly without sticking out at crazy angles like previous formulas so the fibres weren’t the problem, but the actual mascara paste. It clumped like crazy and dried too quickly so that building on a 2nd coat of mascara was a risky business.

I felt quite down-hearted at this mascara and actually put it in the bin three times before fishing it out to try again. I hate waste and throwing things away. I always prefer to try and make things work. Luckily after reading some online reviews of the Bare Escentuals brushless mascara (which in my mind has a similar applicator) I got the idea to wipe off the wand before use to leave a minimum of product before application. This made the product useable and definitely reduced clumping. Doing this, I was able to use the mascara for about 2 months before the product eventually dried out and I could legitimately throw it out without feeling guilty.

Performance, once I got around the clumping issue, was OK. It added some volume, the fibres lengthened, and lasting power was good, with only occasional smudging. I did use both a lash curler and mascara base prior to use, as I always do this for maximum lash length, curl and volume with most mascaras. For removal, it came off with my oil cleanser but was a bit stubborn with facial wash alone. It definitely needs an oil or silicone based remover to take it off completely.

Overall, this is a less than mediocre mascara which I won’t be buying again. Pretty on the outside, little substance on the inside. Let’s call it the Paris Hilton of mascaras.

Overall rating: 2 out of 5. Anyone else tried this mascara? Agree or disagree? Let me know.


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